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A Guide to Connecting with Friends Online: The Best Games

Chatting + Gaming

Do you find it difficult to connect with friends online? Charlie Eissa will give you some tips and games that make connecting easier. Make sure to try these techniques out so your friend never has a lonely day again!

Steps for connecting:

-Use the ‘add friend’ button in the top right of their profile on Facebook or Twitter if they’re not already one of your contacts.

-Ask them what game they want to play, such as Pokémon Go, Clash Royale, Mario Run, Words With Friends.

-“Send” an emoji message in Whatsapp (great way to start a conversation). The “heart eyes,” “smiley face,” and “kissing lips” are popular options though there are many other options .

Charlie Eissa
-Ask them for their phone number, which you can then text.

You can stay in touch with your friends from anywhere by playing games with them online! You can do simple things like sending an emoji message on Whatsapp, or you can get a little more personal and ask for their phone number so you can text. Or even use a platform such as Discord to chat with them in real-time over voice chats and text chats.

-Join a Discord channel to chat with your friends and play games together! It’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play store. You’ll find channels dedicated to different interests and hobbies such as gaming, anime/manga, sci fi etc. There are also channels that have voice chats in addition to text chats if you want a more personal experience.”