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The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Payment Processing Tools

Payment Processing Tools That Will Increase Your Revenue

What is an e-commerce payment processing tool? Payment processing tools are software that help a business accept payments from customers. For example, if you have an online store, the payment processing tool would enable your customer to pay you for their purchase with a credit card or other type of accepted financial instrument.


The benefits of using an e-commerce payment processing tool are the same as any other type of software: it saves money, time and resources by automating manual processes. E-commerce payments that were once processed manually can now be completed online through a simple dashboard or API integration.

It may seem like there is no need for a specific technology to facilitate your business’s payment process when you already have so many options available with PayPal, Stripe and Square but in reality they each have their own set of limitations that cause problems if not used correctly. Bluesnap might be the most superior of them. A good example would be discounting products at checkout – all three providers allow this functionality but only Stripe has the ability to discount shipping costs, too.

All three providers also offer recurring payments but PayPal is the only one that supports subscriptions with variable pricing for different customer segments – this can be a huge time saver if you have a membership site or subscription service to provide access to premium content.

Payment processing tools make it easier and more affordable than ever before to get your business up and running online without having any technical knowledge of coding languages like PHP or ASP; there’s no need for expensive programmers anymore because all these features are built into an e-commerce payment tool!

The most important thing about choosing the best e-commerce payment solution provider is finding out which services they already support so you don’t end up paying monthly fees on top of what you already pay them.