Home Remedies

When winter comes, many of us turn to home remedies for relief. The onset of cold weather can bring on a nasty cough and other respiratory ailments that are difficult to shake off. But don’t fret! We’ve compiled natural ways you can use around the house or in your kitchen pantry to relieve coughs and seek relaxation during this time of year. You should also visit this website in order to get the best natural remedy.


The number one way to soothe a cough is with peppermint tea, which can be made from fresh or dried leaves. You’ll need about one teaspoon of the herb per cup and boiling water. This will help you ease your respiratory system by opening up bronchial tubes for easier breathing. If you don’t have any on hand but do have some honey in the pantry, then take a tablespoon of it when stirring into your hot drink before bedtime (you may also want to add lemon juice). Honey has been shown to lower throat bacteria that cause inflammation and lead to coughing spells. Next time you’re feeling under-the-weather, try adding catnip oil extract tincture (about three drops) mixed in warm water as a good antioxidant.

Another thing you can do is to try and find a local joint or muscle rub cream made with menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. Make sure that you are drinking enough water, because drinking water is a natural cure for coughs.
Home remedies are very helpful in relieving the symptoms of coughing, and can be used to seek relaxation as well. Some home remedies include drinking tea with honey to open up your airways or adding catnip oil extract tincture mixed in warm water as an antioxidant. Drinking water is also recommended when you’re feeling under-the-weather because it has been shown that this can help relieve symptoms like coughing spells. Make sure that whatever remedy you use, you read all instructions on how to properly apply!