Let’s Play Together!

If you want to create something together with your kids, these creative DIY projects are a great place to start. You can click here to get inspiration and learn more about the benefits of DIY projects.

-Cut paper into small squares and put them in different colors on the table or floor (kids can make patterns)

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-Make a drawing by following the lines of an old book page -Cover cardboard with aluminum foil and cut out shapes to create windows that children can look through from behind as they play house

-Use construction paper scraps to make ribbons for ice cream cones, birds’ nests, necklaces or other crafts (this is also good for practicing tying knots!)

-Color pictures using various colors of tissue papers dipped in water: use one color at a time so it’s easier to mix new shades! These vibrant colors will last for a few days

-Use wax paper to create colorful and sturdy collages by gluing on various materials like straws, seeds, beans or buttons

-Cover cardboard with foil or contact paper in different colors: kids can use this backside of the board as blank canvas while you paint it! -Let your child choose which color they want their craft project to be (kids love thinking about what object each shade will make)

It is important to let your kids be a part of the creative process! They will feel more connected to their artwork and be proud once it is finished.

You can use these projects as opportunity to teach them valuable lessons that will serve them well in the later years.