Easy Tree Snipping in Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but it can be a dangerous one. Falling leaves and tree branches make sidewalks slippery, and with less sunlight the temperature drops faster every day. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to remove any hazardous branch from your yard or sidewalk.

First off: safety first! Be sure that you have on sturdy shoes while working outside this season; if not then you risk slipping on wet leaves or getting injured by an errant branch. When removing branches, use gloves to protect your hands in case of splinters or thorns.

Next up: before starting work outdoors it’s important to pre-plan how you will dispose of the debris once the job is done–you don’t want it to get blown around by the wind or to rot in place.

After that: you’ll need a ladder, gloves and shears (a hand saw is best if you have one). You can employ a helper for this job but it’s not necessary as long as they are wearing the same safety gear that you are! Last step: climb up the tree until you reach the branch you want to cut. To make sure that it’s secure, lean against the tree with your hand on top of the branch and push down a bit–if it feels like there is tension then don’t go any further because this means that other branches may be holding onto it for support.
Tree Surgeons Ulverston
If all seems well: take shears or a saw in your dominant hand (or whichever one has more strength) and use them to snip through as far up on the branch as possible so that if you fall back while cutting you won’t get stuck by an errant piece of wood sticking out from under another branch. When doing this step always ensure that your foot is firmly planted where ever you are standing–this will prevent you loosing your balance and falling.

In case that you don’t have shears, you can also use a good old fashioned saw–although not recommended for the best results. Whichever one you choose to use make sure that it’s sharp so trying your hardest when cutting through the branch and be careful to always cut in a downward motion as trees are specifically designed to resist forces coming from above them.

Although you can do this all by yourself, it’s best to call a professional if you’re unsure. A skilled professional from Tree Surgeons Ulverston can do all that branch removal without danger of getting hurt or damaging the tree.